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Cisco Expands Networking Academy Program in Cambodia

By: Market Watch Posted: August-19-2010 in
Market Watch

Cisco today announced the launch of a Cisco(R) Networking Academy(R) at the University of Management and Economics, expanding the program further into Cambodia. UME will integrate the IT Essentials course into the core curriculum for students at the provincial campus in Battambang.

The course is expected to be launched in October 2010 with the next intake of approximately 1,500 students, and UME plans to offer it to all undergraduate students in ICT degree programs. The IT Essentials course emphasizes practical experience to help students develop fundamental computer skills along with essential career skills, preparing them for entry-level ICT career opportunities.

"As our region recovers from the economic downturn, the increased job opportunities from foreign investment means that students need to enter the workforce with internationally recognized qualifications. Our collaboration with Cisco Networking Academy is exciting, as it will build the skill level of our future workforce in the provinces and lead to Cambodia becoming a knowledge economy," said His Excellency Pheakdey Tun, the president of University of Management and Economics.

The growing importance of ICT, together with the shortage of skilled professionals, has resulted in a gap. A recent global survey by the McKinsey Quarterly noted that finding talented people is likely to be the single most important managerial preoccupation for the rest of this decade. A worldwide study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cisco identified a pervasive need for networking skills throughout multiple functions of current and future organizations.

The IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software curriculum provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills. It also provides a learning pathway to the Cisco CCNA(R) Discovery and CCNA Exploration curricula.

"Our collaboration with the UME will educate and build confidence in the youth of Cambodia as they move toward becoming the next-generation workforce. Cisco is committed to helping improve socio-economic conditions in communities around the world by increasing access to education and career opportunities, supporting the development of an educated ICT workforce, and promoting the growth of the ICT industry," said Sandy Walsh, regional manager for Cisco Networking Academy in Asia Pacific.

Networking Academy is a global education program that teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot and secure computer networks to give them increased access to career and economic opportunities in communities around the world. In support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, Networking Academy aims to help bridge the digital divide by extending learning opportunities to students in developing countries.

Since 1997, Networking Academy has grown from a small-scale program designed to help schools get the most out of their networking equipment to Cisco's largest corporate social responsibility program, with courses taught at more than 9,000 academies in 165 countries. More than 900,000 students develop ICT skills through the program each year.

Networking Academy delivers a comprehensive, 21st-century learning experience to help students develop the foundational ICT skills needed to design, build and manage networks, along with career skills such as problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking. Students complete hands-on learning activities and network simulations to develop practical skills that will help them fill the growing need for networking professionals around the world.

Source: Market Watch

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