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Condo Downpayment Refund

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Joined: 2-Dec-14
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Hi, My friend made a downpayment from a condo however a week after that he receives a call telling he needs to be relocated because of work, is there a chance he can refund said downpayment and if not, what else can he do so the payment wont be wasted.

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Joined: 4-Nov-14
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Hello, well first he needs to consult this with his agent, to ask what they can do to have this fixed and to ask if it would be possible to refund and if not, i suggest let him have it rented out by someone else, just a suggestion.

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Joined: 31-Jan-14
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I agree with Bisdak, it's best if your friend have it consulted to his agent first because if I'm not mistaken, not everyone allows refunds


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