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The Long Road To Subic Bay

By: Gene Davis Posted: September-12-2009 in
A warm Welcome To Subic Bay
Gene Davis

I remember when traveling from Angeles City to Subic Bay was a nightmare. Between the two lane road filled with moon crater sized potholes, endless unfinished construction projects, detours, traffic accidents, and traffic; not to mention kids on bikes, livestock, dogs, cats, and an endless count of chickens on the road, the trip usually took at least 2 ½ to 3 hours!

Now, thanks to the opening of the Subic-Clark expressway early this year (2009) those days are gone and the trip takes only about 20 minutes. A far cry from the old days when one would be tired out upon arrival in Subic just from the stressful and tiring trip.

Subic itself and the entire area around it is like a giant candy store. With endless places to go, places to eat, boating, diving, and even girl chasing. Actually, if the girls are running it’s because they are chasing you. Nice for a change hay guys? Why waste all that energy that could better be used in the evening when they come to you, or just follow you around like a lost puppy-waiting to go home with you.

One of my favorite areas there is Blue Rock Resort. Its actually off base but still close by. It sits on the beach and has very nice accommodations with a full service restaurant, swimming pool, and even has a floating bar several yards out in the bay.

Johan’s dive shop is right next door and does dive tours for those who want to see Subic bay from the bottom up. There are many world war II ship and aircraft wrecks waiting to be explored in this huge bay.

Sailing and all types of boating is extremely popular in Subic and is the host for the yearly Hong Kong-Subic sailing regatta.
Broadwater Marine is in Subic Bay and is owned by Rod Hegerty, a pesonal friend of mine and one of the greatest guys you would ever want to meet. Broadwater has every type of boating supplies and repair services available on site. Stop in and have a cold one. He always has a good sea story to tell. Or he can be contacted at: rodney_hegerty [at] broadwatermarine [dot] com

Just outside Subic base is Olongapo city. It’s a city with many stores and restaurants and fun places to see. Easy to get around by taking any yellow jeepney. They travel in a loop around town so its not easy to get lost.

Subic Bay has to be one of my favorite places in the country and a must see for anyone traveling to or vacationing here.
Subic also has a good supply of apartments and American style homes on base for anyone that might be thinking of moving to the Philippines.

Be sure to check out Subic before you decide to “drop anchor” somewhere else in the Philippines…


Philippines is really a great

Philippines is really a great place. I have been to Cebu last month and I was having scuba diving Cebu with colleagues and friends. The whole experience was superb.

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Looks like a really nice

Looks like a really nice place to go - especially with views like those in the 2nd picture...


Great Place

Yea, Subic is a great place. Bath tub or ocean--the water sprots can't be beat! Fishing isn't bad either.


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