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Brunei Returns to SEA Games after 10 years

Ken Gadaffi

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (23 Oct 2011) – Brunei are looking forward to their first game against Timor Leste on 5 November – marking their return to the biennial championship after ten years says Zamri Hamdani, Vice president of the NOC of Brunei.

The last time the Sultanate side took part at the SEA Games was back in 2001 in Kuala Lumpur.

"We are happy to return to the SEA games football events again, its a sign that Football if developing in Brunei and we hope to make a mark in the event" Zamri told Expat-Advisory during the just concluded 2011 OS-OCA Regional Forum in Phuket, Thailand.

Featured Local Band: Bleed This Skyline

Delwin Keasberry

What is the story behind the name of your group, Bleed This Skyline?
The story begins with us completing the line up for the band. We tried figuring out a name for the band and came up with a lot of names...but none of them felt right for our concept and music. It took us quite a while, and this was before Bamm and DD join the band. One night, Jick was out with his cousins and "History" was playing in the background. It is a nice old song by Funeral For A Friend, and the chorus goes "Let's bleed this skyline dry, your history is mine". It randomly hit Jick's mind, he suggested it to the band, and they all agreed to the name. It felt right for the band, suiting our personalities and our love for post-hardcore music. We are now better known as "BTS".

SLIDESHOW: Asia’s Fragile Corners

Asia Foundation

Conflict and fragile governance present enormous challenges for development and security in Asia. In places where violence is widespread and government ceases to function, the pace of development falls dramatically and conditions can deteriorate to extreme levels. Conflicts often include disaffected minorities or marginalized populations at odds with the central government and political establishment. Other elements that can heighten conflicts include limitations on local identity and culture, a lack of accounting for past abuses, and poor access to justice and security.


Adam E.

After a month of relaxing enjoyment in Berlin it was time to go home and face the music. Not so scary actually. A nice girl waiting for me, fast money, and all my family and friends. I was actually getting excited to be back. What was I thinking?

How to be a Good Expat

Remedial Wife

Remedial Wife is in the mood for a rant today. So here it is.

The Expat Crowd is, by its very nature, annoying to be around. We’re a bunch of extremely privileged, lucky individuals. Usually well paid, these days not so much. But let’s not forget that we all chose this life. That does not stop many of us from complaining at every opportunity, however.


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