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How to beat inflation on your savings

By: Infinity Financial Services Posted: March-01-2013 in
Ensure your savings and investments grow faster than inflation
Infinity Financial Services

Current bank interests are so risible that even money held in interest paying deposit accounts is losing value. The rate paid is not keeping pace with inflation so in real terms, people saving in these accounts are actually losing money.

It is a frustrating situation for people looking to save for their future, but if you want to grow your savings in real terms you need to invest in something that is offering a real return.

The problem is where to find an investment which provides an inflation-beating return without over exposure to unnecessary risk. If you happen to have a degree in economics, a good grasp of the stock market and hours of free time to read the financial pages every week, you are likely to be able to arrange you own investments. However for the vast majority of people, managing their own investments in a highly volatile market can risk them losing a significant proportion of their hard-earned savings.

So what’s the solution? Well at Infinity we believe the best option for most people is saving through a professionally managed, diversified portfolio. That is why we have teamed up with Bestinvest. Based in London, Bestinvest has a reputation for being one of Europe’s leading investment management companies for private clients. No need to take our word for it, they have won a host on major industry awards including the much coveted Investors Chronicle/Financial Times ‘UK Wealth Manager of the Year’ in 2011.

Bestinvest has a range of multi-asset portfolios structured for different risk profiles. Whether you want to be ultra cautious or more adventurous with your investments, they have a portfolio that suits. However what their entire range of portfolios share in common is the principle of diversity in order to both spread the risk and deliver an above inflation return. This is further backed by exceptional research and a robust, proven investment process.

For more details about Infinity, Bestinvest or any other aspect of financial planning, don’t hesitate to enquiries [at] infinitysolutions [dot] com (get in touch).


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