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hoi an motorbike tours

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To whom it may concern.If natural beauty is a majestic painting , the man will adorn majestic picture become endless. Visitors come to Vietnam not only to explore the wild beauty scenes, but also discover the beauty of Vietnamese personality. Our country is still poor and people underwent prolonged resistances , however , bombs didn’t devastate all landscaps here and people’s ideal of living was not plunged into darkness.

You go around the world and Vietnam is a destination you should not miss in your journey. In order to exploit tourism accompanied with the volunteer program , we believe that this is the best practical way for foreigners to approach the cultures as well as having a deeper understanding of the beautiful soul of Vietnamese.
Tourists will see and feel a real Vietnam through the prism of his life, the trip to the mountains , to the coastal towns will help you recognize the poetic natural beauty of this country.

Poverty and the consequences of war remain hidden in people's daily life , so the volunteer programs including in our trip mean a profound humanism to them, this bring them joys and optimism on a brighter future . Maybe, you cannot believe, but the fact that, their big world is to make a living enough to eat , enough to wear and to withstand extreme nature in this tropical country. And it’s you, who will bring them the new world, the bigger one, the world where human’s warmth can relieve all their pains and losses.

Moments you stay at some local houses and do somethings like chatting, sharing stories and having meals filled with laughter with them. Thanks to that time, you realize happiness is not far to the endless , sometimes just moments.

No matter what are the different cultures, languages we have, I strongly believe that we have the same happy conception. That is also the main purpose of the programs we want to pursue ,in order to bring happiness to local farmers , bring joys and the unfading impression to you whenever you think about Viet Nam.
We are not only going to travel to discover a new land, also through a new land to explore ourselves.

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