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SALE!Double gas-stove, table, chairs, kitchenware

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Unfortunately after not such a long stay in Cambodia I have to go back home. So, I decided to make a sale and sell some of the staff I got so far. Here I have: a plastic table and two chairs, double gas-stove, small trash bin, new(absolutely new, still packed) mop, a lot of kitchenware (frying pot and pan, plates, glasses, cutlery, plastic cutting board, big and small knife, almost full pack of sponges), big 20l bottle(you can refill it for as much as 1$ or even less), big plastic basin, almost untouched bag with dog food(for puppies) and small bag of washing powder(new, not open).
All of the above was bought a month ago, and was rarely used(I cooked just few times). You can get whatever you want for a very cheap price.Feel free to write!

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