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Two lovely cheap rooms in Toul Sleng Area for rent

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since we leaving soon, we have two lovely, light rooms to offer in Toul Sleng area.

From the apartment, you can reach BKK1 and Russian Market very fast, there are some small supermarkets and grocerieshops around the house- so perfectly located!

Price was always between 140- 150 USD monthly per room, all included.

Rooms would be available either next week on 17th and 18th or at the end of the month! For other requests, we can probably find a solution.
Also perfect for short stay, since our contract is just until the mid March, but can easily be renewed, if you want to stay longer!

Our apartment is located in the middle of Toul Sleng Area, it is located on the first floor in a house, where only expats are living. Downstairs, there is a totally nice Khmer family living, so that is a plus for safety.
We have a really amazing terrace, many plants and awesome chairs to hang out and chat after work! Also perfect for parties!

Beside the terrace, we have a living room (that no one wants to use, since it the terrace is so nice) which could be easily tansformed in a guestroom.

Our kitchen has everything you need to make nice meals (except an oven). We are sharing one of the Khmer shower- toilets (hot water shower).

You would live together with our American roommate Phil, who for sure would take you for a drink and would show you nice places to eat!

Send me a mail (samira [dot] zip [at] gmail [dot] com) and come by to get to know us and see the apartment!

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