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4 Bedroom, 5 bathroom Townhouse available on St 308 for immediate rental - $950 (Short Term (Min 5 Months) or Long Term)

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For Rent, either for 5 months (until January 2015) or for as long as you want - 4 bedroom town house on St 308 close to lots of lovely bars and restaurants including Luigi's Pizza, Meat and Drink and Cicada. House has 4 beds, 5 bathrooms, living area, large terrace and additional outside space. Unless you have a car to park, then you can use it for that instead. Can be taken furnished if required. $950 per month.

We are leaving as it is simply too big for us. Location is great. There is some construction happening nearby (where isn't there?) But we have a small baby, so need to think about these sorts of things. Would suit a group of friends I think.

Call on 077 322 685 or email at nickgale82 [at] gmail [dot] com

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