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Looking for a cat lover willing to fly with or adopt 2 cats.

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Read only if you would consider:
1) Flying with cats to the UK
2) Adopting 2 lovable adult cats

Hi friends and/or cat lovers,
I have a dilemma with my two cats, Sangha and June, and I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me.
I would like to bring my cats to the UK with me and have started the process of their "quarantine". I've already arranged to have a catsitter up until December. Five months from now, the cats will be able travel to the UK. What I'm looking for:

1) Someone to bring them along with them on their flight to the UK.
Of course I will take care of all financial responsibilities, and I already have friends in place who are taking care of the paperwork. You would just need to bring them to the airport and meet me in London. Tall order, I know, but one that would be much appreciated if you are already flying there and willing to do this.

2) The other scenario is that you are a cat lover and would love to adopt Sangha and June. Although this is not the choice I want to make, I have and would still consider leaving them with someone who would care for them. It would kill me to leave them but I'd be happy to know they were with the right person.

Thanks for reading if you got this far, and for considering...I've attached a couple of photos.

mama [dot] swing [at] gmail [dot] com

June is a real people-cat and is affectionate & sweet. She immediately greets people and then will promptly sit in the middle of the conversation. She likes to be pet and be cuddled, all that mushy stuff.
Sangha gives shy a new dimension. He is timid around people and it takes him awhile to build up enough trust to let someone new pet him. He doesn't really like to be pet or held, but sometimes he surprises you. He will become quite attached to you and follow you all over the house.
Neither cat bites or scratches, and they aren't used to going outside. However, they would probably love it.

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