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Cute puppies free to a good home. PPAWS

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Two puppies have been abandoned in my local pagoda. One is blind and about three months old, the other puppy is about one and a half months old and has weak back legs but is able to walk. The vet has suggested that with good food and an easier environment the younger puppy will probably grown with much improved back legs.
Both of these puppies need a loving home. The blind puppy can manoeuvre around and goes up and down the steps in the pagoda but it does get anxious when feeding as the other dogs easily take its food. When food is not around it is very friendly but when feeding it needs to be in an environment where it does not feel threatened, so a family with young children would not be appropriate. At the moment when it does feed the monks try to help it but they often make the puppy more worried and exacerbate the problem. The blind puppy has had its first set of vaccinations a week ago. The younger puppy is still too young for any vaccinations.
If you are interested in seeing the pups I have put some photos in the photo album, alternatively you can see the photos on our facebook page
If you would like to meet the puppies then please contact me on nicola [dot] scales [at] gmail [dot] com or ring me on 017293654, as I work during the day it is probably best if you sms me on this number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you

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