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Cute kittens (2 females) looking for a loving home

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We were certain we could hear a cat crying from behind a dry wall. We had to convince maintenance crew to cut a large hole. Minutes later we found not one, but two kittens, stranded and hungry without a mommy. They must have fallen down a duct from the roof.
Starving and trembling they were whisked home to be properly fed and looked after.

They are very cute and love being cuddled. They are approximately 5 weeks old, they have basic house training, eat solid food and are in good health.
They spend every minute together, snoozing, exploring and playing. Due to their previous ordeal, I would prefer if they could stay together.

Unfortunately my apartment is not suitable for pets and the landlord is not impressed with my new flat mates. I was hoping somebody might be interested in having this wonderful pair as company.

Wall-e Raksmey ( found in the *wall* duct )
Hidey Jentar ( found 30 mins after her sister, *hiding* further inside the wall duct )

Location: BKKIII, PP
Type of Pet: Cat
Sex: Female
Age: Approx 5 weeks
Medical History: No vaccinations
Health: Good healthy playful kittens
Personality: Very cute and love being cuddled
Contact details: Email me: warren [at] invisibleagent [dot] com


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