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  • "Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter" (Fantasty

    Geoff Ryman

    What happens when Cambodia's vibrant youth culture is confronted with its not-so-distant past?

    Click for the download page of Geoff Ryman's Hugo Award nominated imaginary novelette, 'Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter'.

    (180 kilobytes)

    EAS Interview: History's Horrors Inspired Literary Beauty
    Geoff Ryman talks about his novels and short stories with Cat Barton.

  • The King of the Mountains

    Nick Ray

    Location, location, location, you know the old adage and the magnificent temples of the ancient Khmer empire are no exception. The classic Khmer temple of Phnom Rung boasts Thailand's boldest location, perched atop an extinct volcano, while in Laos the Khmers left their legacy under the shadow of Lingaparvata mountain in the elegant lines of Wat Phu.

  • Looking good baby!

    Tanja Wessels

    They can't help but be cute, and with so many adorable options out there in Phnom Penh it really is time to dress the kids.

    Unlike us, toddlers have no concept of 'fat days' or concerns over "but I wore that two days ago" and will never retort with "floral?! That's so 2007!" Sure, they go through phases when all they want to do is run around naked or to be Batman forever, but these phases are still cute. Seeing a boy dressed as Spiderman in a supermarket aisle is something that never fails to raise a smile. Dressing children is great fun.

  • Tips on opening night bar etiquette from a new boozehound about town

    EAS Staff

    As a young(ish) man about town I somehow seem to have found myself on Phnom Penh's invitation A-list. Back home, I struggled to get invited to a funeral. All my friends were forever in the Sunday social pages whilst I was the very definition of a pariah.

  • History's Horrors Inspired Literary Beauty

    Cat Barton

    Award-winning author Geoff Ryman, 56, was born in Canada but has lived most of his life in England. He is an author and has written numerous award-winning fiction, science-fiction, and fantasy novels. His most recent short story about Cambodia 'Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter,' has just been nominated for a 2007 Hugo Award given annually for science fiction and fantasy. Past Hugo winners include Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.


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