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Furniture for sale

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I am leaving Cambodia and I am selling some furniture and other items.

lacquered wooden bed and rattan 2m/1m 280$
Small coffee table in wood 43high/83long/50large 300$
Writing desk in wood 1m34long/70cmlarge/80cmhigh 830$
very good condition wood folding screen 1m92 long/1m71 high 300$
Water Hyacinth chest table 41cm high/81cm long/ 68cm large 180$
Very big rattan Shelf with different levels and central penderie 450$

2 wrought iron and rattan shelf with 2 drawers 1m73 high/79cm large/ 40cm deep 180$
Big wrought Iron shelf with 6 central bars 1m97 high/1m15 large/30cm deep 165$

red lacquered square table - 1m22large/52cm high 160$
Glass table with 2 round ceramic pots - 1m80 long/1m67large/1m69high 180$
Big shelf
Bambou mat 25$
second hand kentel mats 5$ each
Blue swivel chair 30$
10 plywood cubes 50cm/60cm 10$ each
6 plywood cubes 45/50cm 8$ each
2 white ceramic vases 79cm high and 38/38cm large on the top 38$ each
Big brown plywood cupboard 1m62 hogh/1m20 large/60cm deep 220$
1 big cushion - 85cm/62cm 8$
2 cushions 50/50 cm 4$ each
1 cushion 60/45cm 5$
2 pillows 8$ each
wooden bars to hang textile on the wall 5$each
very big wooden bar 8$
3 chairs in wood 20$ each
lots of empty ring folders, big and small 2$ each

Many other small things that can be seen at Kashaya Silk on street 240 N0 55Eo
Please SMS me at 012900014 if you want to see pictures or send me a mail at theroncath [at] gmail [dot] com


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