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Featured Local Band: Bleed This Skyline

By: Delwin Keasberry Posted: September-01-2011 in
Bleed This Skyline - click for more photos
Delwin Keasberry

What is the story behind the name of your group, Bleed This Skyline?
The story begins with us completing the line up for the band. We tried figuring out a name for the band and came up with a lot of names...but none of them felt right for our concept and music. It took us quite a while, and this was before Bamm and DD join the band. One night, Jick was out with his cousins and "History" was playing in the background. It is a nice old song by Funeral For A Friend, and the chorus goes "Let's bleed this skyline dry, your history is mine". It randomly hit Jick's mind, he suggested it to the band, and they all agreed to the name. It felt right for the band, suiting our personalities and our love for post-hardcore music. We are now better known as "BTS".

Describe your music in a few words.
Ridiculous, intense guitar breakdowns, party.

Name a few bands that inspire your music.
Confide, Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, Paramore, Blink 182, and Attack! Attack! Actually, the five of us have our own taste in music and it is quite easy to find inspiration and ideas.

Who wrote "Suddenly, We All Have Purpose", and what is the story behind that song?
The lyrics were written by Bamm and Jick, and the music by Bleed This Skyline.

Bamm: "The way I want to put it is like a story of a person who is lost in beliefs and needs guidance on which path to walk. Kinda cliché. The first verse “Believe in yourself? If that’s worth trying? Adjust your mindset? And the way you define it? It’s all in your head, it’s all in your heart. Just keep on searching ‘coz it’s not a lie”. What to trust, what to believe, what we should follow, what we should hold on...if we do not have faith in ourselves and just keep on denying the fact that we need to change, then we will be stuck in the dark waiting for something to happen. Let us make an effort, insya’allah, and we will be on our way to the right path. Jick perfected the song when he added “Show me the way back home to you” as the chorus part. Personally, I think it shaped the whole song."

What do you think your fans enjoy about your music?
The love and the passion of our music that we share with our fans. Every time we play live for them, it is a night or day to remember.

What has been the best gig experience so far?
Every show has been awesome with everyone having a great time! The best show so far was the "2010 Merdeka Jamm" in Miri, Malaysia. It was our first show outside of Brunei and the welcome we received was overwhelming! We cannot wait to play there again! We were offered to tour South Africa and play as part of "Heritage Fest 2010", but due to financial complications, we had to decline.

Are there many more bands like yours, and what are your thoughts on the music scene in Brunei?
Yes there are! They are our good friends - Zombie Leads To Car Crash, Sentenced To Burn, Kill The Hero, etc. The music scene here needs more exposure. The truth is that there is quite a big scene, but we need more events to showcase local talents of all genres.

Who would you love to musically collaborate with?
Collaboration with local bands - maybe Karacoma? And as for an international band, we would love to partner with our Australian friends, "In League".

What are the best things about being a hard rock band?
The best thing about it is that it is universally acceptable, there are no boundaries in being what you want to be, to live and capture the dream, even if it seems impossible, but impossible is nothing and nothing is impossible.

What are the hardest things about being in a hard rock band?
The hardest is that people simply judge bands like us by our genre. Locally, it is quite hard since the hardcore / metal music scene here is still relatively new and being acceptable by the public is something rare for bands like us.

Complete this sentence: "In three years' time, Bleed This Skyline will..."
Bleed This Skyline will have released a mini or a full-length album, and be the first band from Brunei to tour full time mainly in South East Asia for starters and then maybe the world?!

Any shout-outs?
We would like to thank our loving families, friends, our producer Mr. Boy (Founder and Owner of Victorious Rock Productions), our friends of BTHC (Belait Hardcore), and most of all our loving fans in and outside of Brunei. We are grateful for all the opportunities given so far to move this band forwards. We thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, "For we are nothing without brotherhood".

Editor's Note: Bleed This Skyline, a well-known band from Kuala Belait, is made up of Bamm (Vocals), Jick (Guitars and Vocals), DD (Bass), Farid (Guitar) and Pipin (Drums). Now that you have read about them, check them out at "Backyard Pit 2" coming up shortly on Saturday 26th February 2011 in Lumut (details on their Facebook page). In March 2011 they will be going on a short tour to Bintulu together with Miri band, Falling Farewell. They are currently working on an EP, and also have a CD demo available for purchase. Find them also on MySpace, follow them on Twitter (@BleedTSBand) and watch more of their stuff on YouTube.

Republished with the Kind Permission of ProjekBrunei


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