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Start of the Affair

By: Anon Posted: January-13-2011 in

It’s the old story – your partner’s out of town for the weekend, and there’s that rather sexy blonde NGO volunteer you met over beef Carpaccio at Nagaworld buffet, a couple of weeks ago. You both knew straight away. Conjugate me a verb, Sidney. Like to stray. So, where do you and the blonde stray to in Phnom Penh, without being spotted by the sort of friends who’d prefer to stab you in the back, rather than the front?

Gossip Central

By: GG Posted: October-21-2008 in

There is always something happening in the Penh – if you’ve not heard anything don’t think that there is a lack of stories or rumors - you’re just out of the loop. I’ll be the first to admit how time & energy consuming it can be staying ahead of the gossip, hence this new column – taking the legwork out of the local hearsay, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours… as much ground as I cover, I always appreciate a tip-off, completely anonymous of course.


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