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Medical Care in Cambodia

By: Casey Nelson Posted: December-14-2010 in
Casey Nelson

Recently I have had the unfortunate opportunity to survey some of the local medical facilities. Personal health issues have sent me to the hospital more than once in the past couple of months, most recently in need of emergency surgery. While this has impacted my ability to blog regularly over the last month, it has also given me opportunity to reflect on the medical facilities in Southeast Asia, in Cambodia and Thailand in particular.

I am not a medical professional, have no significant medical training and am in no way qualified to make a professional evaluation of the local medical facilities, doctors, nurses, medical staff or equipment.

The smiling surgeon

By: David Chong Posted: March-28-2010 in
David Chong

I open the door and slide a little less habitually to my kitchen and gratefully turn on the tap to the clean trickling sound of water filling my glass. Half full, I hold it to my lips…offering silent thanks for a luxury I often take for granted. And for a moment, with my eyes closed I am thankful for a moment. In beautiful silence.
I am home.


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