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Take us out for a ride and find

By: John Weeks and Nhek Sophaleap Posted: September-14-2010 in
John Weeks and Nhek Sophaleap

Take us out for a ride and find "Where there 's water, there's fish; where there's girls, there's boys."

Anyone who has ever seen the crowds around the parks and amusement areas on a Saturday night can attest to this saying. The illustration contains all examples of Cambodian youth, from five schoolboys crammed onto a Daelim, to daintily dressed damsels driving a Honda Dream.

Perception and Reception

By: John Weeks and Phal Poursith Posted: September-06-2009 in
John Weeks and Phal Poursith

John Weeks and Phal Poursithtake a look at some common turns of phrase.

You're never out of style, you simply need to choose a place that favors your clothes and physique.
In many developing countries it's still fashionable for men to smoke. Or have a big bushy beard. In Cambodia? Conspicuous consumption is the name of the game. When you can get name brand (or cheap knockoffs) at the local market, you'll find that your Khmer friends can always dress to the nines - even on a salary that's a fraction of a foreigner's. Don't even try to compete.

Blues with a Brush

By: John Weeks Posted: September-07-2008 in
John Weeks

John Weeks takes a look at the 'Painted Stories' of Svay Ken.

Born in 1933, it would be difficult to even summarize all the events Svay Ken has lived through, but fortunately the prolific painter is busily creating an extensive visual autobiography on a daily basis. Unlike most artists, he began painting at the age of 60, with no formal training. His prior roles included work as a simple laborer, a farmer and a long stint at Le Royale; returning after the revolution when the hotel was called 'The Samaki' - 'solidarity' - in the 1980s.


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