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Rescued cat, beautifully natured, veterinarily teated, now needs a loving home

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Last week we rescued a street or ill-looked after cat with some trauma on its tail.

We had the tail amputated at Agrovet, as that was the only option, and also had him 'fixed' at the same time.

We cannot accommodate the cat long term.

We are looking after him indoors for two weeks to ensure his wound heals and he gets all his antibiotics.

If there is a family who would like to adopt Reginald, as we've named him, we will have him treated for everything that might be a problem: worms, heart worm, tics, fleas, all at our expense.

He's an extremely friendly and affectionate cat, he eats well and probably around a year old. He's ginger.

He's great around our young boy, he generally loves peoples' company, and we'd love to see him go to a loving family who can offer him the affection and care he deserves.

Please let me know if anyone is able to take him.

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Does the cat still with you?


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