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Improving pet services in Phnom Penh - Market research survey

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Dear all,

As pet owners living in Phnom Penh, we constantly see the need for improved pet services in Phnom Penh. Existing pet shops may not always be pet-friendly and there are other concerns. For example, dogs need regular exercise and socialisation for their happiness and well-being, but the space and/or opportunities for this is lacking.

We created a market research survey to assess the wishes and needs of pet owners in Phnom Penh in order to provide better pet services in the future. Therefore we would like to ask you, if you are a pet owner living in Phnom Penh, to fill out this survey. There are only 10 questions and it will take about 5 minutes. Please follow this link to the survey:

We would highly appreciate your help - and soon, your pet( s ) will too.
Thank you.


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