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How to list pet adpotions

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In response to this article we have set up this forum
Pet Adoption in Cambodia
By Jamie Bennett
So, you're thinking of becoming a pet owner in one of the world's fastest developing countries. Have you considered adopting?

Type of Pet:
Dog / cat / other

male / female / neutered

Age: if known

Medical History:
Vaccinations etc

Any medical problems? or in good health

Good with kids. needs his / her own space. eats anything. Good guard dog.

Other comments: how long have you had the pet etc

Contact details:


EAS will send out adoption notices with every weekly email newsletter

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hI, I am trying to list a pet adoption.I have a beautiful dog, and need to find a place for him to live.Anywhere with a garden!
He is the most georgous dog,not a pure breed, but really well trained,vacinated and loving.
please get back to me if you can help him,


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