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Dog boarding/pet sitter wanted!

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I have two beautiful well behaved Rottweilers, and am looking for someone that loves dogs and have enough experience to handle larger dogs. One girl is a problem-free 11 year old that doesn't require much, but the other is a 13 month old brat of a Rottweiler teenager, non aggressive of course, just attention seeking.

I live in Mondulkiri, and would explore either sending the dogs to Phnom Penh to a suitable sitter, or having someone come up to live in Mondulkiri for a month or so, staying in my house and using all the facilities of a great house, but at the same time, of course take goood care of the dogs. Email adeline1610 [at] gmail [dot] com if anyone has any ideas!

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Im looking for big dog to guard my property and plantation in battambang province. I was thinking to adopt german sheppard or rottweiler...Mondulkiri is a bit far for me but for a visit why not?

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Hi There,
I hope you found a dog sitter already. recently one of my beautiful and great rottweilers died . I am thinking now about mating her sister so she will not have to stay too long alone . They have been together since their birth almost 3.5 years ago .
Would you consider to let your male dog mate with my female Rottweiler named Angel.
If interested please let me know!


Dick van der Poel
Physiotherapy Phnom Penh
Tel 092 485 593


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