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Awesome cat needs new home

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Hi everyone,

We unfortunately need to leave Cambodia brutally, a lot sooner than expected.

When we arrived a year ago, we rescued a lovely ginger male kitten (Routch aka lou-lou- which is now 10 months old) thinking we would keep it forever.

That's why he has been completely vetted at agrovet, and went through all the vaccinations, castration and is even micro-shipped (Nothing to spend other than the routine maintenance...).

We just didn't have time to do the blood testing for it to be able to fly and follow us in Europe.

We are very upset about it but we therefore need to find him a new home...

He is very friendly, cuddly, sociable, playful, domesticated and not aggressive whatsoever.

People interested just need to guarantee that they will keep him for good preferably staying in Phnom Penh long term, that he will be treated with care (he needs cuddles) and that they have exterior space/garden for it to enjoy mother nature as it has been used to it with us.

Contact me if you want to offer him a new home.


Jef. 089390100

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