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2 Lovely Cats Looking for a Loving Home (Urgently)

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My name is Phyu. I have 2 lovely cats a male and a female. They are mother and son. I have already spayed both of them and also do vaccination and de-worming every year. I am looking for a person who can adopt both of them. Mother will be 3 years old in May, Son is 2 years old in January 2014. They both are indoor cats and litter trained. Since they both are indoor cats, they never have experience with outside before. So that I would like someone who can adopt them as indoor cats. They both are very healthy, strong and playful. I’ll only give to the person or family who love cats. The person who love my 2 cats very much and keep them as indoor. I’ll take responsible for yearly vaccination and de-worming at Agrovet for coming years. I’ll also send food and snacks every time I have time to Phnom Penh. The reason why I’m giving them away is I’m moving from Phnom Penh end of this month and I like to bring them but I have other family reasons. Please contact the numbers that shown below.

- each of them have own cage
- have their own beds, litter bucket, food bowls, toys

Thank your very much for your time to read my advertisement.

Best Regards,

012 622 803
023 216 091
phyuphyumon [at] gmail [dot] com

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