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54 Truong Dinh, Q1.

Tel 1: 3825 7199
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At Crumbs we put our customers first by creating solutions for key consumer health trends. Our primary focus is to provide our local customers with product knowledge that serve a specific dietetic purpose and are loaded with great flavor naturally.

It’s the quality of the food and wholesome goodness of the ingredients that makes Crumbs a destination of choice.

Crumbs bring to each baked products the commitment to use only the freshest ingredients, free of artificial additives, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

We are also pleased to say we use only filtered water (5 Stages UV Filtration systems) for our processing, and we do not use hydrogenated fats in our products.

Crumbs uncompromising commitment to wholesome food created from high-quality ingredients have resulted in our simple motto: “Your Local Bakery”



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