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The Generous And Helpful Nature Of The Filipino People

By: Gene Davis Posted: October-22-2009 in
Gene Davis

In the United States and perhaps other places it is common practice to go to a neighbors house to borrow a cup of sugar if you run out. You might even go to a neighbor and borrow screwdriver or wrench if needed. But that’s about all.

Here in the Philippines most all people, friends and even those you do not know are quite willing to lend items to anyone who is in need. A few good examples of this is if you are going to the store and can’t or don’t want to walk for some reason, someone will loan you a bicycle. That’s all well and good; but how about something major?
Yesterday for example, our washing machine decided to short circuit and burned itself out before our washing was even half done. Anywhere else that would have created a major problem. I would have had to load all the wet and dripping clothes into the car and take my wife and dirty, wet clothes to the Laundromat.
Here on the other hand there was no problem at all and laundry still got done within the same amount of time. My wife, Viol and her sister simply went to a neighbor down the street for help. No, they didn’t take our laundry there. They simply “borrowed” the neighbors washing machine and brought the machine to our house to wash the clothes!

I also remember about two years ago, we ran out of LPG gas (used for cooking) about five minutes after my wife started fixing dinner.
Again no problem. My wife simply took all the food and pans to another neighbors house and they started a wood fire and our dinner was cooked in minutes.

Even if someone or a family has no food to eat (it happens to many people here) for some reason. If the need is known, again, neighbors and even strangers are there to give whatever food or baby formula is needed. Or if out of food people will ask neighbors for some food to feed their families. Each time, the result is the same. Everyone helps everyone else.

That’s just one more reason I chose this beautiful country to call home and continue to stay. Quite simply, It’s the wonderful people…

10/21/2009 1:03:15 PM


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