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The weekend that was......

By: The Phnom Pen Posted: September-07-2009 in
The Phnom Pen

When last Friday afternoon rolled around I had so many options it was ridiculous. Cocktails at the Ambassador’s house, beers at the Embassy, drinks with fellow workers, live music at Talking or pumping up the jam at Pontoon while Paul spun the discs. In the end, I went home at 4pm (via Russian Market to score the 7th season of The Shield) and announced to my wife that I would not be going out but rather I would be staying in to baby-sit . I was bloody tired and as I knew the wife was going out with Tee and as Veasna was sick as a dog with a 48 hour bug, I really wanted to just couch surf with my little girl. Good choice. After a nosh of delicious home made soup and with a few cold Zorok tins at hand, I settled in to see how deep Vic’s shit was this season. As it turns out – pretty deep. Gotta love The Shield !

Saturday Morning I bounced out of bed all sprightly (wife sound asleep after a 4am arrival )and about 10 minutes after I hit the ground floor, Phalla arrived with Vichea and a bag of bottles etc and before I could say ” ahhhh time for a relaxing cup of Nescafe…” I was left looking after two one year olds. Shite man. This is not how I envisaged my relaxing Saturday morning. Vichea has had a snappy new haircut which makes him look like a little man instead of Pumpkin head Junior but he is still not really even standing up ! My daughter meanwhile is now running around like a child in training for the Olympics. It is times like this when I really understand and appreciate what Leakhana and the mothers of the world go through on a daily basis and I have accepted that I do NOT have the patience that my wife does. After about 15 minutes of Vichea’s howling (he is a bit of a sooky sooky la la ) I was over it. Thankfully my wife awakes and I then passed the two kids on to her whilst I went to Russian market for take-out breakfast noodles and cleaning supplies. I intended on doing a Spring cleaning number on the kitchen as it had been a long time since it had been PROPERLY done and as I stepped into the steaming Phnom Penh morning, I could tell it was going to be a long,sweaty morning.


"Climb the Penh"

“Climb The Penh”

A group of Enthusiasts are trying to establish a regular rock climbing event within Phnom Penh.

Using the model of the Hash House Harriers, (although not every weekend), the organizers will scout Phnom Penh for a suitably challenging/interesting location. We have already negotiated a climb and have permission to set up routes for a good ascent and a long rappelling .

This first wall climb is a building, that offers great views over Phnom Penh, a unique photo opportunity! what is needed is a response from anyone interested in participating and also able to loan ropes, harnesses and any other safety gear to accomodate non equiped climbers and beginners.

As this will be a first, we anticipate a easy route planned to ensure inclusion of as many people as possible and to set standards at a steady pace, that will be expected by the participants. Participants can then express their ideas at a thorough debrief over a cold drink after the event.

Please feel free to respond with expressions of interest, offers of assistance, and once we have enough responses we will set a briefing session in advance of the climb at a suitable venue to announce the date and climbing venue.

Looking forward to great climbing fun.

“Climb the Penh” organizers


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