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Morakot Island Update

By: Rob Schneider Posted: March-14-2012 in
Morakot Island from the Bridge
Rob Schneider

A while ago, I wrote a post about the Grand Opening of the New Sihanoukville Bridge. Except for a brief re-opening, the bridge has been closed since then while developers focus on infrastructure and development.

I moved on to other subjects until I was reminded of Morakot Island in a comment recently. The comment writer, Andrew, included a link to the official Morakot Island website. I’ve just had a look and although it was slow to load thanks to my glacially slow internet connection, it was worth the wait. It’s a stunningly designed site and filled me in on the factual information about the development, as opposed to the rumours I’ve relied on.

We’re going to have to wait a few years, but by 2016, “an entire small-scale city, located on this private island, will include incomparably luxurious villas and apartments, office centers, casino, entertainment venues, a variety of sports facilities and complete modern city infrastructure.”

As exclusive as the island will be, Andrew assures me that it will be open to the public. He also mentions that the “idea is to create a boutique, ecological, nature-friendly harmonious living/playing environment.” This may have been partly in reaction to my stated personal preference for leaving the island as it is. I’m aware that this is a totally unrealistic proposal, just as my wife’s desire to return to the simplicity of jungle life is unrealistic now that Cambodia is growing and developing.

Unless somebody recognises the awesome quality of my writing (insert winking smiley) and pays me accordingly, I’ll never be able to afford to live on Morakot Island, but I will enjoy being able to go over there and enjoy a meal or an activity from time to time. More importantly, members of my family, extended family and neighbourhood may be able to get jobs there. I know from observing their struggles with finding decent employment that the more upmarket and prestigious the establishment they work for, the better the pay, working conditions and opportunities for promotion they receive.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on Morakot Island. Knowing the Sihanoukville rumour mill as I do, you may be hearing that “development is stalled” or that “only millionaires will be allowed on the island.” While it’s not going to be a place where backpackers can sleep in elevated grass shacks for $2 a night, it is going to be accessible. Until the bridge was built, I kept promising myself I’d swim over there one day and have a look around. I never did. I’m glad the Techo Morakot Bridge is there and I’m glad that I’ll be able to visit the island when development is completed.

Like me, you may not be able to afford to stay at one of the 5 Star resorts planned for Morakot Island. In that case, check out some more affordable Sihanoukville accommodations. If you are able to afford that kind of luxury, check out the website for “special pre-construction pricing” opportunities. According to information on the site, by May of 2012, 36 beach front villas will already have been completed. Act fast and you may be able to save 25% on your purchase of one of these 3-5 bedroom villas. This is for your information only: I don’t get a commission, though I’d like to find out how I could.


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