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Liquid Bar

By: Expat Advisory Posted: January-01-2006 in
Expat Advisory

Liquid Bar has really raised the stakes for interiors of shop-front style bars. With its polished concrete, gun-metal grey floor, chocolate leather seats, exposed tiled roof and well appointed and fabulously backlit bar (lots of real bubbles!), it really is a swish space indeed. You don't have to fight past the usually obligatory terrace furniture to get into the bar and once in you could swing a dead cat freely.

The cocktail list is extensive and whilst I could not get a Dry Martini (more training please), the Singapore Sling was great. We did not intend to dine but the menu and atmosphere is welcoming so we did anyway and the $1.50 skewers were tasty and came with a lovely relish. An extensive list of pizzas also got the mouth watering as we listened to Creedence Clear Water Revival and watched a happy bunch of Khmers play pool on the brand new table.

Situated on St #278, Liquid is a refreshing new entry into the Phnom Penh Bar Scene and will no doubt do well with Expats and Travelers residing in the Wat Lanka district.

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