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CIA Hosts Soccer Tournament for Human Rights

By: Ken Gadaffi Posted: December-08-2011 in
CIA ( red) Takes on ISPP ( Red) in a friendly match ahead of this weekends Mini Tournament.
Ken Gadaffi

The Cambodia International Academy, a well established International School in Phnom Penh is set to host the first Human Rights Football Tournament. The kids’ competition brings together teams from organisations and schools in Phnom Penh to take part in a 6 v 6 Tournament at the Vietcam Sports Center.

According to the Tournament Organizers, the objectives of the one day competition is to help promote Equality, Justice and Human Rights for all.

" Equality, justice and human rights for all, an important message worth spreading!
In celebration of the Human Rights Day in Cambodia football teams of different schools and NGOs are invited by the students of CIA FIRST International School to put into practice symbolically this message through competing with each other on the football field" CIA First Director Mr. Andre Struve stated in an interview.

CIA United Trains ahead of the Tournament

The competition which is set to debut on December 10 to commemorate this year's Human Right Day Celebration will see 9 teams drawn from 6 schools and NGOs which includes, CIA First ( the host), French School, Save our Children organization, NHCC, C-Ajer from American Intercon and F-Love ( A combination of Students from Logos, Western International School and ISPP).

Explaining further the motion behind this initiative by CIA, Mr Andre Struve noted that " Each player is accepted and respected, independently from political, racial, religious, civil, social, cultural or economic aspects".

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” Noted the German Educationist. "Through the Human Rights Tournament of CIA FIRST International School all children participating in it are bringing evidence for this universal principle" he enthused.

CIA in recent time has been noted for its sports development for juveniles and youths emerging the winner of the 2011 International Schools Track and Field Events last February. To this end, this new initiative is seen as a further way of enhancing Education and Sports for the young people irrespective of their background. The Director pointed out why CIA is focusing on promoting sports among young people in the kingdom.

"Sports connect people world wide, promote friendship, health and joy. Children in young years by practicing any sport activity create awareness of their own body, they learn to challenge themselves, recognize own strengths and weaknesses and those of others" Says Andre Struve.

"Sports activity and in particular team sports promote mutual understanding. It encourages integration instead marginalization. Besides these important aspects of promoting sports, at CIA FIRST International School we strongly believe in the old roman principle: "ANIMA SANA IN CORPORE SANO". (a sound mind in a healthy body).
What is CIA vision for sports and education?" he Enthused

CIA United Star Midfielder Humphrey Gabriel takes a shot during training ahead of the tournament

The Tournament is organized by age-group – ( Grade 3- 5)U12s, (Grade 6-12)– and matches will feature four 15-minute group games for each team in order to maximise the playing time for each child. The two Top teams in each group will progress to the Semi finals and Finals thereafter. The pitches are located at the Futsal Football Ground with Artificial Grass at Duoun Ngeap Street, Dongcao District, Phnom Penh City.

"Sports play a major role in our academic programs. We offer P.E. and swimming activities on all grade levels. Additionally, Taekwondo, Swimming, Basketball, Football and Dancing are extracurricular activities offered in the afternoon to our students and the community" Says Andre Struve.

CIA FIRST International School aims to stretch out the hands to the schools and NGO community in order to bring the children of different social, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds together. Through sports as an integrative part of the school's educational programs, the Director envisions to set a cornerstone to form a homogenous society which is based on mutual understanding, eliminating prejudices.

"It is a chance to create a better future FOR EVERYONE in which less privileged people are integrated, heard and supported" he concluded.


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