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UNAMA on iTunes

By: Dominic Medley Posted: July-22-2009 in
Dominic Medley

UNAMA on iTunes

UNAMA is pleased to announce that all our radio reports are now available on iTunes.

If you're a regular user of iTunes and podcasts just search for UNAMA Radio in your iTunes Store and subscribe to our podcast.

You'll receive a weekly show in Dari and Pashto and reports and interviews most days of the week in English, Dari and Pashto.

To launch this new service, with one month to go to the elections, you'll be able to listen to a special 45 minutes elections briefing in English prepared by UNAMA Radio.

Of course all audio reports are still available online to download as MP3 files in the radio section linked from the UNAMA website

As well as hearing the special elections show now on iTunes you can download and listen online now

The benefit of subscribing, for free, with iTunes, is that the latest audio files from UNAMA Radio will always download and synchronize with your iPod or MP3 player as and when they are released.

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