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Trash Uncle

By: Nguyen Huong Dao Posted: March-01-2012 in
Nguyen Huong Dao

This story won the grand prize for "Story by an individual” award in the LIN Volunteer Stories Competition 2011. The competition was organised by LIN Center for Community Development, a philathropic institution that supports grassroots non-profit organisations in and and around Ho Chi Minh City. Words by Nguyen Huong Dao. Translated by UNV volunteers

I would like to tell you a story about the Nam Dinh Trash Team. It is special for me, and hopefully for you too. I am pretty sure about this.

“On hearing her name, I can only think of someone who likes to expose her body”

By: Tim Russell Posted: February-21-2012 in
Tim Russell

Tourism in Vietnam is finally getting sexy! Late last year, the powers that be appointed a new “tourism ambassador” in the shapely form of actress Ly Nha Ky, who, as the comment in the title suggests, seems to be more famous for getting her kit off than for her knowledge of tourism or ambassadorial qualities.

Street Photography in Vietnam

By: Tim Russell Posted: January-30-2012 in
Tim Russell

A question that I’m often asked by clients, and a question frequently asked on Tripadvisor, is “Is it OK to take photographs of people in Vietnam?” Certainly for photography beginners/amateurs, street photography, and the thought of approaching a complete stranger & taking their picture, is an intimidating prospect – however, Vietnam’s buzzing street life and its photogenic people are simply begging to be photographed.

Mark Zuckerberg in Vietnam for Christmas

By: thanhniennews Posted: December-29-2011 in

A representative of Facebook in Vietnam today confirmed that the company CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan are in Hanoi for Christmas holiday, the VietnamNet news website has reported.

The report quoted Huynh Kim Tuoc, Growth Manager of Facebook in Vietnam, as saying that the company has confirmed that "Zuckerberg has arrived in Hanoi on December 22."

His trip is "personal and not related whatsoever to his work at Facebook," the report quoted Tuoc as saying.

Tim’s Travels - the Shocking Truth

By: Tim Russell Posted: November-17-2011 in
Tim Russell

Bangkok-based reader Alan West, who works in market research, has been applying his analytical skills to the Come & Go blog and has made a fascinating discovery. He writes:

Dear Tim
Been reading and enjoying some of your blog entries over the past couple of days. Thing is it suddenly hit me this lunchtime just how many times you reference beer! This is just a fraction:
- I was once so drunk I failed to notice the complimentary chocolate on my pillow

- a lot of Beer Lao was consumed

Inside Vietnam - HoChi Minh City, Hanoi and Hoi An

By: Jacques Smit Posted: October-31-2011 in
Jacques Smit

I arrived at Tan Son Nhat alone. It was humid, I was tired and it was winter. Bus 152 (50 cents a ticket) stood parked beneath an arch, slightly beyond and to the right of the plethora of people gathered outside the terminal building. Denying I was American to the same woman thrice, I watched new streets become familiar through the dirty window. After more than 13 hours I was finally in Vietnam.

Macbeth Finally Plays in Vietnam

By: Word Hanoi Posted: October-29-2011 in
Word Hanoi

With the imagery of the witches running through the whole production, great soundtrack-style music and six actors doubling up in numerous roles to make up the full cast of the play, Macbeth's opening night at the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House on Wednesday Oct. 26 proved to be everything that was expected and more.

Ask a Silly Question - Bad Travel Advice in Vietnam

By: Tim Russell Posted: October-27-2011 in
Tim Russell

The BBC (as part of its tie-in with Lonely Planet) recently published its list of the World’s Best Cycling Routes, featuring such pleasant & scenic rides as County Clare in Ireland and Luberon/Mont Ventoux in France. But my eyebrows were considerably raised by their number 10 selection – Vietnam’s Highway 1!

Hip-Hop Heroes Hit Town

By: Word HCMC Posted: October-27-2011 in

Not one, not two, but three of the brightest stars of the US hip-hop underground are preparing to hit Hanoi this month as C.A.M.A. Vietnam presents the Weirdo Heroes Tour. Featuring acclaimed LA rhymer Busdriver, New York alt-rap superstar Louis Logic and folk-hop icon Ceschi, the tour brings these three MCs together in Asia for the first time — at Chez Xuan, the open-air restaurant up in An Duong.

The most fascinating river journey in South East Asia

By: Danielle Stewardson Posted: October-21-2011 in
Danielle Stewardson

The trip from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc (Vietnam) is one of the most fascinating and beautiful river journeys in South East Asia. The first time I traveled to Cambodia was by this route and arriving in Phnom Penh by boat at sunset, catching my first glimpse of this foreign city from the Mekong is a memory I will always treasure. In the distance I could see the rooftops of the Royal Palace sparking in the sunlight, the smoke rising up from the incense burning at Preah Ang Dong Ker, the vibrant Phnom Penh riverfront and I instantly fell in love.


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